Season 2 – Crafted By II

Hosted ByKenn Delbridge

Our second season we visit writers, spoken word poets, discuss the Singapore English Accent and deep dive into the world of aquascaping

Crafted By – The Three Waves of Coffee in Singapore | S2E4

The Rule of Three Exists in Everything: think of comedy, photography, showbusiness. It also applies in the world of coffee, which has experienced what is accepted as The Three Waves. In Singapore, the Three Rules come with a twist: Kopi. 

We talk with 5 artisanal coffee cafes – Nylon Coffee Roasters, PPP Coffee / Chye Seng Huat Hardware Coffee Bar, Two Degrees North Coffee Company / Populus Cafe, Mavrx Coffee Bar and Coffee Break at Amoy Street. We discuss the beans, the brew and the business of delivering coffee with a focus on traceability, farm, process, roasting, Instagram’s love for latte art, and why traditional Kopi is still so loved.

Grab a cup of Joe and go on w journey with us to experience the world of caffeine, Singapore-style!

BTW, I found a great little hack for recycling your left over coffee grounds! Check it out here: