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Creative Freelancers in Singapore and Asia share their experiences in the industry.

COVID-19: Jackie They – Edutech Roadmap Asia | S3E2

2020 has been the most challenging year in recent memory, with the COVID19 situation hitting all sectors. Our third season is about COVID19 and its impact on the creative production industry.

This podcast aims to be as neutral as possible, to present information, opinions and commentary in a manner that, we hope, is fair and useful to everyone.

In the episodes to come, we talk with Production Companies, Freelancers, and Performers in our community, and seek industry-specific advice from Financial Planners, Marketing consultants, networking experts, Professional Coaches and Psychologists.

And, in what could be the biggest topic as segments of our community are facing enormous uncertainty during this Covid19 emergency, we discuss what it means to be responsible for our own Careers, and know the how and when to Pivot to something new.

For our 2nd episode, we sat down with Jackie They, CEO of Edutech Roadmap Asia, who has pivoted many times in her career and is enormously experienced in production from her time running content creation for major agencies including DDB and BBDO


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