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Creative Freelancers in Singapore and Asia share their experiences in the industry.

COVID-19: Benedict Lim – iGROW |S3E6

2020 has been the most challenging year in recent memory, with the COVID19 situation hitting all sectors. Our third season is about its impact on Singapore’s creative production industry.

This podcast aims to be as neutral as possible, to present information, opinions and commentary in a manner that, we hope, is fair and useful to everyone.

Mental Wellness has only recently become less taboo as a topic of public discussion, and freelancers can be at risk because of the stresses of running a business of one, and self-motivation, emotional and mental wellness and risk of depression are all areas in which freelancers need to be aware

We talk with Benedict Lim of iGROW, an Author, Psychologist, Management Consultant, Executive Coach, & Keynote Speaker