Be Spooked

Be Spooked presents bite-sized tales of things that go thump in the night. Using immersive sound design and music, each episode delivers maximum scares in the minimum time. Drawing on the supernatural, ghosts, monsters, murder, mayhem, true crime and urban legends, Be Spooked will set the bar high in bringing a cinematic presentation to our sonic creepshow.


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A Deal to Die For

A woman makes a deal with a mysterious stranger for an algorithm to power her social platform… but when the stranger comes back 5 years later to get what was agreed on, the price turns out to be too high.   Performed by Jorjeana Marie & Kenn DelbridgeWritten & Produced by Kenn DelbridgeSound Design and Mix...

The Lady in White

Hell hath no fury… like a woman scorned. If she wants revenge, you might be spooked. A sheriff and her deputy pursue a mysterious woman who snatched a newborn and ran into the woods. They track her to a shed in forest clearing… will they survive the terrible secret that she’s hiding?  Performed by Jorjeana...

A Voice From The Beyond

If you have something to say, don’t wait til your dead Otherwise, it’s too late If someone from beyond the grave speaks to you, you might be spooked Performed by Jorjeana Marie & Kenn DelbridgeWritten & Produced by Kenn DelbridgeSound Design and Mix at SPLiCE Studios

The Mourning After

Ever wake up the morning after and realize you’ve overslept? If you’re late for your own funeral, you might be spooked… Written & Producer by Kenn Delbridge Performed by Nixalina Watson, Paul Foster & Kenn Delbridge Sound Design and Mix by SPLiCE Studios

‘Til Death Do Us Part

Half of all marriages end in divorce, the other half end when one spouse dies. If you want out, but divorce is not an option, your inner angel and devil will help you decide what to do. Be prepared… to be spooked. Written & Produced by Kenn Delbridge Performed by Hanli Hoefer, Mike Kasem &...

Diver Down

The highest point on Earth is the peak of Mount Everest, at 8848m above sea level. The deepest you can go is almost 11,000m below the waves. The only creatures that at that depth are no more than half a meter. So if you encounter something bigger than that, you might be spooked Performances by...

Space Oddity

Our launch episode… (actually our 2nd launch episode, check out our blog for more info)… takes place in space. Before humans roamed the earth, at night all you could see from space would have been lightning, fires and volcanos. Imagine if that was all you saw today from space… what would that mean? This episode...

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It’s Coming  There’s nothing you can do to stop it   If You Scare Easily, You might Be Spooked   Twice a week, Be Spooked presents Bite-Sized Tales of Things that Go Thump in the Night   Listener Discretion is Advised.