Singapore’s Music Scene

Hosted ByKenn Delbridge

A 5-episode look at the Singapore Music Scene, featuring The Music, The Business, The Performance, The Media and The Reality

Part of our Crafted By series looking at Artists & Craftspeople in Singapore, this 5-episode mini-series reviews the local music scene in Singapore. We focussed particularly on English language pop music, otherwise, the scope would have been too wide. We limited the historic timeline to 1995, when Music Television, aka MTV, re-launched its Asian feed from Singapore after a year off-air after a 3 year run on the Star TV network out of Hong Kong.¬†We look at 5 areas –

The Music: we meet artists in Singapore who shared their experiences since ’95, after MTV launched, and how the scene has changed over the years

The Business: we talk shop with the movers and shakers behind the scenes: recording studios, artist management and record labels

The Performance: we hear from Esplanade, the home of the performing arts in Singapore, where many artists will have had their first proper public performance, and Michael Roche, head of Lushington Entertainments and the visionary behind the F1 concerts

The Media: reaching an audience means working through the various media, and we hear from voices in radio, television and social media

The Reality: what it all means for the musician who wants to turn their passion into their full-time work, and the many ways that musicians can earn a proper living through music.

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Crafted By – Singapore’s Music Scene: The Reality | S1E12

The finale of our Crafted By series is the 5th part of our Singapore Music Scene review: the reality of earning a living through music. We look beyond pop hits and at other areas: ringtones and slot machines sounds, composing for film, voice-overs, DJing, running an audio studio – there are so many other ways...

Crafted By – Singapore’s Music Scene: The Media | S1E11

The 4th part of our 5-part look at Singapore’s Music Scene explores the Media and how artists reach their fans: Television, Radio and now, Social Media.  We talk with Rob Middleton, who worked at both MTV and Channel [V], about how the 2 music channels approached the Pan-Asian market.  Nic Shields pulls back the curtain...

Crafted By – Singapore’s Music Scene: The Performance | S1E10

The 3rd installment of our 5-part look at the Singapore Music Scene explores how playing “live” is now more important than ever: with physical music sales down, concert income is a huge revenue stream. We talk with the home of the Performing Arts, The Esplanade, and hear from Singapore’s top live music promoter, Michael Roche...

Crafted By – Singapore’s Music Scene: The Business | S1E9

In the 2nd part of our 5-part look at Singapore’s Music Scene, we explore the business side of things; we talk to legendary Snakeweed Studios engineer Leonard Soosay about how acts turn musical ideas into tracks, learn how modern labels work with artists through our conversation with Lennat Mak of Warner Music, and Willy Tan...

Crafted By – Singapore’s Music Scene: The Music | S1E8

The first of our 5 part look at the Singapore Music Scene, we explore the music and the artists who make it. We meet Fym Summer, a singer-songwriter who played at the SXSW festival in 2018 as the sole representative from Singapore and try to figure out how her path as a writer and musician...