Crafted By – Season 2

We’re back with a new season of Singapore’s artists and craftspeople – this season we hang with spoken word poets, aquascapers, dancers, learn about the Singaporean accent and talk roasting with artisanal coffee cafes.

Our second series of Crafted By will feature new episodes every 2 weeks. How many? We’re not sure – join us for the adventure and find out! Please subscribe to be notified whenever there’s a new episode available, and we’d love it if you’d give us a 5-star review: it really helps people find our podcast!

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Crafted By – Be Spoke | S2E2

Give our guests today a mic and an audience and they’ll take the wonder of words and imbue them with the power of performance. The Spoken Word Poetry scene in Singapore is alive and well, with multiple events happening throughout each month across the island. I talk to 9 poets active in the scene about...

Crafted By – Aquascaping | S2E1

We kick off our 2nd season with a literal deep dive in the world of aquascaping and the huge influence of Takashi Amano and his company Aqua Design Amano. The hot trend in home aquariums is to focus on plants and hardscape (rocks, driftwood, etc.) to create a serene submerged world. We talk with the...