Season 1 – Crafted By I

Hosted ByKenn Delbridge

In a city driven by economic performance, discover the art around us and learn more about who they're crafted by.

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Crafted By – “First Generation” Sculptor Pius Chong Fah Cheong

On the bank of the Singapore River outside Fullerton Hotel is a bronze sculpture of 5 boys jumping into the river. It’s one of Singapore’s most photographed pieces and is the creation of a Singaporean sculptor, Pius Chong Fah Cheong. A Cultural Medallion recipient, he’s surprisingly chilled about his work and shares the insight he’s...

Crafted By – The Instagram Twins

Meet the Yusman twins, Yafiq and Yais. Full-time photographers who shoot almost exclusively on smartphones. On Instagram, their feeds have a combined following of over 120,000. Check out their IG feeds at Yafiq Yusman Instagram Feed and  Yais Yusman Instagram Feed

Crafted By – Singapore Tatler Cover Shoot

What goes behind the scenes at a magazine’s cover shoot? Singapore Tatler invited Know Or Not? to take a peek at the team behind image, including the magazine’s Editor, Fashion Director, Senior Art Director and the Photographer, as well as interview the lovely subjects of the Passion Issue cover, Beppe De Vito and Lynn Yeow-De...

Crafted By – Teaser

Singapore is an awesome city – a small and tidy city-state that has been independent since 1965, now an international hub for finance, shipping, and air travel. We dig deeper to discover what makes this incredible places tick, and sometimes, what makes it a little darker. Our first limited episode series looks at artists and...