Curiosity Filled By Stats

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What're your chances of being struck by lightning? Discover the science behind the stats. Coming Soon!

Singapore loves numbers and statistics. Its government obsesses over economic performance; the Singapore stock markets announce minute-by-minute changes in prices; would-be millionaires watch with bated breath for the announcement of lottery picks – everyone here loves numbers. We look at some numbers that will surprise and hopefully delight you.

  • Singapore is the world’s highest lightning strike country, but what does that mean for you during a storm?
  • If you buy 6 numbers in the Singapore Pools TOTO lottery, what are the chances that you’ll be a millionaire by the end of the day?
  • Does major creative and intellectual breakthroughs peak before one is 30?

In our limited-episode series, we will decipher fact from fiction and show you Curiosity Filled By Stats.

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