Season 3 – Singapore Foodie

Hosted ByKenn Delbridge

It's the Singapore Foodie Season - we hang (and pig) out with amazing chefs, restauranteurs and foodies on the amazing culinary delights our city has on offer!

Our 3rd season is the Singapore Foodie Season: we look at the delicious delights of Singapore’s culinary landscape and talk to the amazing artists and artisans who cook some of Singapore’s best and most beloved dishes. This season we have episodes on

Char Siew (Fook Kin) | Durians (Ah Seng Durians) | Local Ice Cream (Creamier) | Ramly Burgers (Ministry of Burgers) | Asian Burgers (HamBaoBao) | Artisanal Cheese (Cheese Ark) | Japanese-style Bakery (Flor Patisserie) | French Bakery (Tiong Bahru Bakery) | Bakkwa (XiShi Bakkwa) | TV Chef (Chef Bob) | Hawker Culture (Jin Ji Teochew Braised Duck & Kuay Chap) | In-Home Dining (Dearborn) | Makan Minutes (Sebastian Sim & Shareen Wong, ex-Power98 DJs) | Life of a Chef (Chef Matthew Woon) | The Bubble Tea Craze Redux (Writer, Poet, and BubbleTea Fanatic Irie Aman) | Singapore Foodies (Jill Sara, Annette Tan & Many Others) PLUS! A special guest episode that will knock your socks off!

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Singapore Foodie – Tiong Bahru Bakery | S3E3

We all know “East Meets West”, but what about “West Meets East”? We venture down to the hipster central of Singapore to meet the finest French Bakery on the island to talk about the secrets of making amazing bread and pastries in the challenging humidity of Singapore, and how being part of the community is...

Singapore Foodie – Ah Seng Durian | S3E2

We hang out with the King – the King of Fruits! The amazing durian, a fruit that has almost defied description by noted writers over the years, has a (subjectively) obscene smell combined with beautiful a custard-like flesh. We visit Ghim Moh market to hang with an innovator in the Durian scene and hear how...

Singapore Foodie – Fook Kin | S3E1

Our Singapore Foodie season kicks off with a look at the amazing caramelized char siew of Fook Kin, a collab of superstar DJs The Muttons (Vernon A & Justin Ang), Chef Kai of Roast Paradise and Fatboys Empresario Bernie Tay. The guys talk about the difference between Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur Char Siew, if...