Sounds & The City

Hosted ByAsha Gill, Rob Middleton, Jim Aitchison & More

Brilliant City Audio Tours with Immersive Sound Design, First Released 2007-2008 as AudioBooks, Now Released as a Podcast

In 2007, we did a series of audiobooks called “Sounds & The City” – highly stylized audio city guides with music, sound design and multiple interviews and an overall narrator. They were inspired by the brilliant SoundWalk series from New York.

We commissioned travel writers, did loads of location recordings (some industry friends helped out for Bangkok and Beijing), hired some of the best narrators, and had a blast mixing the final productions. We did very good business via Audible, covering Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Mumbai, Dubai, Seoul and even one for the Forbidden City that sold really well around the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

A decade on, we’re still carrying the torch for great sounding audio content via podcasting, which has been described as heralding a second “Golden Age” of audio content. The more things change, the more they stay the same – great storytelling always works because that’s what engages your listeners.

We uploaded them to our Freelancer Life RSS feed when we were investigating the best options for hosting, and they’re here for you to enjoy.

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