This Freelancer Life

Hosted ByKenn Delbridge

Creative Freelancers in Singapore and Asia share their experiences in the industry.

What’s the secret to thriving as a freelancer in the media industry? Audio Post Mixer and Sound Designer Kenn Delbridge talks to a creative freelancer in Asia and asks them about how they got into the media industry, where they’re going, and tips for succeeding in a field where the idea of you being the product you’re selling, is the most powerful concept.


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This Freelancer Life – Daphne Lim S2E2

In this episode, we talk to a current affairs radio DJ and hugely popular voice over talent. She’s worked in video production before changing her career path and hosting the morning show on MediaCorp’s English language talk radio channel, 938NOW. A popular voice over talent, she’s recorded countless ads for huge international companies through to...

This Freelancer Life – Mike Kasem S2E1

We talk with Mike Kasem, one of the original MTV VJs when MTV Asia launched in 1995 from Singapore. In a career that has spanned over 2 decades, he is now back to his true love of radio and co-hosts the breakfast show on Gold 905. He discusses the true value of fame, why you need...