Diver Down

The highest point on Earth is the peak of Mount Everest, at 8848m above sea level. The deepest you can go is almost 11,000m below the waves.

The only creatures that at that depth are no more than half a meter.

So if you encounter something bigger than that, you might be spooked

Performances by Mike Kasem and Kenn Delbridge

Written & Produced by Kenn Delbridge

Sound Design & Mix by SPLiCE Studios

Space Oddity

Our launch episode… (actually our 2nd launch episode, check out our blog for more info)… takes place in space. Before humans roamed the earth, at night all you could see from space would have been lightning, fires and volcanos. Imagine if that was all you saw today from space… what would that mean?

This episode was written, performed and produced by Kenn Delbridge, with additional voice acting by OMZ Project

Based on an original short story fiction by Kenn Delbridge

Recording, Sound Design and Mixing by SPLiCE Studios