Crafted By – Singapore’s Music Scene: The Reality | S1E12

The finale of our Crafted By series is the 5th part of our Singapore Music Scene review: the reality of earning a living through music. We look beyond pop hits and at other areas: ringtones and slot machines sounds, composing for film, voice-overs, DJing, running an audio studio – there are so many other ways to make coin. We hear deep thoughts from Singapore’s first Grammy Nominee and talk to a singer-songwriter-producer whose day job is hosting a show on late night radio.

Wendy Phua – A Sound State https://www.asoundstate.com/

Weish – https://www.wweishh.com/

Saiful Idris / Surrender HQ https://open.spotify.com/artist/4uKnPCqYXom0XoFCoLYPMe

G77+ https://www.g77plus.com/

DJ KoFlow – https://www.instagram.com/djkoflow/?hl=en

Joshua Simon https://open.spotify.com/artist/4HPvebJfEP41V6rFzFFQ2k

Dave Tan https://open.spotify.com/artist/4DxELhGCnHXSqYwq6fbcmv

Arun Shenoy https://arunshenoy.com/

Kenn Delbridge http://www.splicestudios.com/

Crafted By – Singapore’s Music Scene: The Music | S1E8

The first of our 5 part look at the Singapore Music Scene, we explore the music and the artists who make it.

We meet Fym Summer, a singer-songwriter who played at the SXSW festival in 2018 as the sole representative from Singapore and try to figure out how her path as a writer and musician here might go.

To get a perspective on how the scene here has changed since MTV Asia launched in Singapore in 1995, we talk with

• Electrico’s Dave Tan
• Vandetta
• Saiful Idris of Great Spy Experiment
• Weish
• Fym Summer
• Jack & Rai